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As of May 20, 2017

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As of May 16, 2015

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AOSFST 2015, Call for Paper

The 10th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (10th AOSFST) will be held on October 5-7, 2015 in Tsukuba, Japan.

The 10th AOSFST will include presentations of peer-reviewed papers, key-note lectures by fire researchers invited from the world and poster sessions for a variety of topics and some exciting events. Asia-Oceania region is among the areas where fire science and technology are developing most rapidly. We heartily invite your participation, not only from Asia-Oceania region but also from any regions in the world.

Journal of JAFSE "KASAI" Vol.64, No.2 March/April 2014

<Special Feature Articles: Building Planning and Fire Evacuation Plans for Vulnerable People>
Introductory Note Editorial Committee of KASAI (1)
Evacuation Planning of Retail Stores for Evacuees in Need of Assistance H.Yoshimura (2)
Evacuation Safety Design and Evaluation for Hospital and Welfare Facilities S.Tsuchiya (8)
The Points of Fire Safety Design through Survey of Fire Drills at a Child Care Center Y.Furukawa, T.Sano (14)
A Summary of Evacuation Safety Design and Measures for High-rise Hospital H.Notake (20)
Evacuation Safety Measures for Peoples with Difficulty in Walking in Buildings
Tokyo Fire Department (26)
A Case Study on Evaluation of Evacuation Safety Based on Simulation for Residential Fire
M.Mizuno, T.Sano, S.Nakahama (32)
A Study on Prediction of Fire Behavior Considering Burning Property of Fuel in a Compartment D.Goto (38)
Report on Research Activities of Academic Promotion Committee and
Specialty Area Committees in Fiscal Year 2013 Academic Promotion Committee (42)
Report of Annual Workshop on “Fire Safety for Photovoltaic System” Academic Promotion Committee (46)
FIRE REPORT: An Explosion Fire Caused by Ignition of Methane Gas Generated in a Water Treatment Plant
Tokyo Fire Department (50)
Abstract of the Article in the Bulletin of JAFSE (Vol.64, No.1, 2014) (55)
In Memoriam: Professor Toshisuke Hirano, Honorary Member of JAFSE (57)
In Memoriam: Professor Philip H. Thomas (58)
Program of JAFSE Annual Symposium 2014 (59)

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